My first video, ever

When I first read that I had to make a 7 minute video + editing – I freaked out. I had no idea what to do, how to make a video, where to start, just to name a few of my fears. Sure enough through some guidance of Dylan (thanks) I began to plan my video. The video I made was on the week 7 topic question ‘In what ways are romantic and/or sexual relationships constructed within the virtual world?’ I chose this topic because I’ve personally had some experience with it and I decided to interview two of my friends who had different views on online dating. My video includes an introduction and brief discussion of the topic by me, followed by two interviews with four questions I had prepared, and then to conclude I discuss the outcomes from the interviews and come to some conclusions as well. My idea was to create a video that was similar to a talk show where I discussed the topic as well as interviewing guests that had different opinions on the topic.

I created my own content by recording on a Canon EOS 720D which I borrowed off a friend of mine, I didn’t have a tri-pod so I had to make do with a make-shift high stool. I recorded the whole video at my friend’s house including the two interviews I conducted and I wrote a script for myself that I tried to memorise for the times I appeared on camera. I then compiled all the footage I had and uploaded it all to iMovie on my mac. I then proceeded to edit and compile all the footage together which included adding music, transitions, edits to sound and slides. The only time I used Creative Commons source material was for my choice of music ‘‘Redbone’ (Childish Gambino Cover) – Kid Karate’ which was listed as ‘Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)’ and I used this music at the start and end of my video. 

My strategy when it came down to drawing on my scholarly sources to inform my video was to create slides that displayed the quote I had used from particular scholarly sources, I did this in order to break up my video so it wasn’t just content of me or my interviews on the screen, and instead the quote I was using from the scholarly sources. I thought this would be good idea for my video as it was an easy way to show that I had referenced scholarly sources as well as showing my audience the quote and who the authors were.

Everything I did from planning my video to putting the final edits to my video were completely new to me, this was a really challenging for me as I’ve had no media making experience in terms of filming, writing and editing. Using iMovie was difficult to begin with but after some practise I got the hang of it and I learnt some new skills such as detaching audio from clips and adding slides on top, fixing sound/background noise, fixing the colour of the clips, adding music (including fading in/out) and adding transitions as well as cutting clips. Some challenges I stumbled across along the way included using a high stool as a tri-pod, not filming for long enough so it was difficult to add transitions between slides and finally the amount of time it took to get the right take – sometimes I had to film the same part for 30 minutes-1 hour. I learnt so much from this assignment and I really have a greater appreciation for actors and filmmakers as I now understand how time consuming and difficult this process can be. Check it out the video below:

(624 words, not including citations and captions)

My broader ALC203-related online activity:

I’ve been actively using twitter over the course of this unit, for the making of my video I specifically engaged with the hashtag #ALC203 to share tips or tricks I learnt about making videos on iMovie as well as progress pictures or videos of my media making. I found twitter a very easy way to gain new information from my peers as well as spark or join in on discussion of certain topics. The use of twitter to connect and share with my peers in ALC203 as well as using WordPress to make blog posts.

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